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Sunday, February 11, 2018

  Good on the Cavs. Been going to their games since 1969.

  I guess I'm the first one making a comment here, so here goes. Basketball is just one of many 'games' that grown men 'play' with a ball, and get payed millions of dollars for it. And in turn, makes some of those rich 'playing with balls' men, 'NOT GODS' think that they are entitled or special.

  Well, it's playing with balls guys, you're NOT special, Doctors are...... Now, LBJ is a very good 'player with a basket 'ball', this 'does not' qualify him to be a special person in society: his, and other 'ball' players off court/field actions and life qualities is what makes them special, 'or not'!

  There are doctors, business people, fast food workers, mail delivery persons, etc., etc., they ALL are equal as people. The same as those of different races, nationalities, ages, colors and more, are all equal people! It's really sad how people today all over the world treat sports players like GODS, I'm here to inform you that they are NOT!

  With that being said, there are though, many sports players, who do, do things to help and aid in society, more-so than most people who play with 'balls' of many kinds, but, even then they are still side-by-side to other humans, still standard people: not high above other people in quality of humanbeing'ness.

  Let's make a comment now though about 'LBJ'. First-off, he's just another guy on the street, the same as you and I. Although, he can play basket ball way better then I can. But does that make a ball player worth being paid $millions$ over a doctor who saves lives!?

  Just the same though: why does everyone need to get off 'LBJ's' back: Read on 

  There will be a fuller story of this comment being posted on ( later. There you will read more about how everyone needs to get off 'LBJ's' back.

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