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Thursday, January 18, 2018

TV 'Programming' Programs

Have we ever wondered why it has been called 'programs'?

  Popeye eating spinach, that was a programming ploy to encourage kids to eat their spinach that was put before them at meals. It was yucky, but inexpensive during the war time back then! So eat up kids, it will make you strong ~ 'right'.

  Things we see in new movies and weekly series programs on a regular 'almost always' basis now: rapes, murders, h**o-sexuality, shacking up, torture, etc., etc., and much more! These things are portrayed in a grossly graphic manner in many cases.

  There will be ones who will argue about some of the content being included in this posting, it really won't matter though: what is right and correct is right and correct. What is wrong is wrong - irregardless of someones desire to live their lives as they wish and do what they wish! If something is wrong or at some point in history was wrong: the passage of time does not change what is right, proper, and correct, or what is wrong. 

  I for one choose to stick to 'back in time' considerations of what is proper and correct, and or what is wrong or incorrect! I 'do not' allow myself to be influenced by 'whatever' is causing the influence and programming of 'the change' of how the world 'people / society' is veiwing and thinking about things! 

  My family has all but 'almost completely' stopped watching movies and television programming, there's almost nothing of any value that is good for, or a positive influnce upon our minds and psyche, especially that of children and young adults! Hmmm, we wonder 'people in the world' what is/has happened to our younger people; well, I don't wonder, I 'know' why things are how they are, it's a 'no brainer'.

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