Sports ~ is it just WWE now?
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Monday, January 22, 2018

  I use to like to watch sports for a past time, now I don't! There's way too much interference in the games now-days: and I don't mean from the players on the field or on the court. I'm talking about the blatant controlling and dictating the outcomes of the games, by bad or no-calls 'on purpose' to stear the game in whatever direction it has been scripted to go!

  It's not even a question anymore as to whether this is happening or not, it's complete common understanding, right in front of our eyes: and it's not even trying to be hidden anymore.

  I for one am done with watching all sports. If it can't be legit, I don't need it!

  Wish you all 'whoever' does watch it - a release from frustration, you all are gonna need it! Good watching..........

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